Explore IAT
Explore IAT

The campus of the Institute of Higher Education covers an area of 152,500 square meters, with a total building area of 138,000 square meters.
Among them, the general laboratory area is 49,000 square meters, and the public academic space such as library and academic lecture hall is 11,000 square meters. The reserved land is 31,000 square meters. The design and functions of the campus are of world-class level, and it is a group of landmark buildings for cultural and educational institutions in the eastern part of Jinan.

Scientific Research
Scientific Research
  • Particle Physics
    Particle Physics
  • Thermal Science
    Thermal Science
  • Computational Science
    Computational Science
To provide the best conditions for outstanding scholars around the globe, especially outstanding young scholars, to pool their advantageous resources to carry out creative work at the frontiers of science, to expand the base and boundaries of knowledge, to establish linkages with industry, and to develop advanced technologies with new inspirations for the economic and social development of the region.
  • Carry out Science
  • Develope Technology
  • Serve Society
  • Contribute to civilization